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Yang's Noods

Yang's noods

Yang's noods

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Handmade medium-cut noodles flavoured with chinese five spice. Each noodle is hand-pulled and air-dried by Vicky in London - a work of craft made with love, ready in just 5 minutes for a warm welcome home after a long day at work.

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Ingredients: Flour (67%), Chinese five spice powder, chilli powder, chilli flakes, garlic powder, salt, water. (200g)

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Yang's Noods

Vicky Yang grew up between Thailand and Taiwan, before moving to London a few years ago to work as a Digital Art Director. After receiving a pasta-making machine as a gift, Vicky has perfect the art of hand-making small batch, spiced noodles - each noodle is hand-pulled and air-dried in her kitchen, before being packaged up in beautiful brown paper bags that are hand-stamped using a linocut print that she made herself, inspired by her grandparents’ house in Da Jia, Taiwan.

yangs noods

Recipe idea

Spicy Chinese Lamb Soup Noods

Vicky Yang has a FAB recipe for a 1 pot wonder packed full of flavour that goes perfectly with her noodles. This is a recipe to impress with - she shares how to make it on her insta.