Amy Drop Founder

It all began with a Whatsapp group and some fancy beans.

My flatmate (Rosie) and I (Amy) had been obsessing over these super fancy beans that we saw in a deli around the corner (niche, I know). They were made in small batches, using sustainable farming methods, and everyone had been raving about how delicious they were.

The thing is, they cost over £4 a jar, and we couldn't really find a way to justify spending that much on beans.

But, as the saying goes: where there's a will, there's a way, and for some odd reason, beans are what got me thinking about the idea for a buying club.

I set up a Whatsapp group with a bunch of friends, picked a few other products from indie producers I loved, and pitched the idea. "I'm in", said Rosie. And so did a load of other people.

As the number of people who wanted to join the buying club grew, the Whatsapp group turned into a newsletter, which turned into a magazine with a proper website, and within a couple of months over 100 people had joined us, through word of mouth alone.

I like to think that this buying club is just the beginning, and I'm so excited to see where this goes. If you are too, drop me a message.