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The Scottish Bee Company

Scottish Blossom Honey

Scottish Blossom Honey

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This sweet Blossom Honey is produced by bees that forage on nectar gathered from wild flowers in Scotland. No two batches are crafted exactly the same.

Good to know: this honey is harvested from hives built by the Scotland Bee Company, which have helped to increase the bee population by over 28 million.

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Ingredients: Pure Scottlish honey (227g)

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The Scottish Bee Company

Susie and her husband Iain set up the Scottish Bee Company in 2017 out of a love for the honey bee and the environment. 

Driven by a desire to address the alarming decline in bee populations, they embarked on a mission to make a difference, starting with providing bees to beekeepers across Scotland and getting to work on developing products that are bee-friendly, locally-grown in Scotland using minimal processing. 

Everything that Susie and Iain do is deeply rooted in sustainability and authenticity, championing the principles of slow food and regenerative farming practices with every single ingredient that they put into their delicious goods.