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Lamiri's Harissa

Harissa paste

Harissa paste

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The Worlds Finest Tunisian Harissa. A family run and produced product with its roots in the heart of Tunis, following a recipe handed down through generations.


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Ingredients: Dried chillies, Tabil (caraway seeds, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, red chilli flakes), Extra virgin olive oil, Salt, Fresh Garlic. (200g)

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lamiri family


Lamiri's Harissa

Lamiri's Harissa started out when Sam Lamiri, unable to travel to Tunisia during Covid, tried to source his favourite harissa paste from London only to be bitterly disappointed by the quality of what he could find. So, he decided to do something about it.

“Harissa recipes vary from neighbourhood to neighbourhood and every family makes their own Harissa, in small batches, just the way they like it. It's a tradition that brings the family together and ties you back to your regional roots”, Sam Lamiri writes.

The Lamiri family - whose family-run business is all about celebrating their Tunisian roots - is no different, with a generation passed down from Sam’s grandma to his dad to Sam... and now shared with all of us!

harissa carrot recipe

Recipe idea

Honey Harissa Carrots With Whipped Feta by MOB

Harissa is amazing on roasted veg. We really love this recipe from MOB for some delicious, spicy sweet carrots on a bed of creamy whipped feta, perfect with some warm flatbreads. See the recipe here.