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Dr. Sting's Hot Honey

Dr. Sting's Hot Honey

Dr. Sting's Hot Honey

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Super versatile sweet & spicy condiment you can squeeze over literally anything, to your heart’s content.

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Ingredients: 100% Blossom honey, organic chillies, apple cider vinegar. (180ml)

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Dr. Sting's Hot Honey

MOB chef Ben Lippett first tasted chilli-infused hot honey when he was living in New York. Fast-forward a few years, and after years of experimenting to get the perfect blend of ingredients, Ben and his friend Jamie set up Dr. Sting’s Hot Honey.

Every bottle is still brewed, filtered, filled and sealed by hand in their little South East London warehouse.

Burnt broccoli and hot honey

Recipe idea

Burnt broccoli, hot honey & burrata

A pretty straightforward recipe, but SO. GOOD. Watch Dr. Sting's Hot Honey co-founder Ben rustle it up on Insta.