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Harry's Nut Butter

Sweet and salty crunchy peanut butter

Sweet and salty crunchy peanut butter

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It’s that same - little bit salty, little bit sweet nut butt that Harry's Nut Butter have become known for, but it's loaded with big chunks of peanuts and crunchy little nibbed ones too. Double crunch. 


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Ingredients: Peanut butter with 97.5% peanuts. Ingredients: Peanuts, Sea Salt, Agave Syrup (330g)

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Harry's Nut Butter

In 2019, Harry was working as a chef at Fumbally cafe in Dublin 8 when, without cause or thought, he added a sprinkle of hot spices to the house nut butter before sending it out to accompany customers’ food orders. The jars of nut butter were sent back to the kitchen completely empty - wiped clean - with pleading requests from customers to bottle it up so that they could take it home.

Fast-forward a few years, and Harry’s chance discovery has turned into a range of award-winning spiced nut butters, still made in small batches by Harry and his mates.

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