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Botivo non-alcoholic botanical

Botivo non-alcoholic botanical

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Botivo is a small batch, aperitif inspired drink with bittersweet, herbal and citrus notes.

Good to know: Botivo is made by master craft drink-maker Sam, who was hand-picked to do all the cocktails at the 2018 wedding.


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Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar, Water, Wildflower Honey, Fructose, Gentian, Wormwood, Rosemary, Thyme & Orange Zest (20 servings per bottle).

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Botivo is hand-made in small batches by master artisan Sam, and his self-proclaimed ‘healthy hedonist’ co-founder, Imme.

Sam has has been creating and crafting drinks for 20 years (he was hand-picked to create all the drinks for the Royal wedding back in 2018!). He still makes every batch of Botivo, by hand, from scratch. 

After a lot of reading and research, Sam discovered Oxymels: ancient tonics with a base of vinegar and honey that brilliantly carry flavours of botanicals, while also acting as natural preservatives. After months and months of tinkering at the farm and playing with different combinations Botivo was born.

Recipe idea

Botivo + Elderflower Tonic

Mix Botivo with Elderflower cordial and tonic water, poured over ice for a refreshing, alcohol free cocktail. See other recipe ideas on the Botivo website.